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Maren Balers have long been regarded the standard of the box, printing, and process industries.

The Maren ProPAK-A SERIES take that standard to an even higher level. These balers are built specifically for the difficult duty cycle required in corrugated box, folding carton, printing, converting, envelope and tissue industries. If you run a high volume operation and things like bale weight, up time, durability, safety, serviceability and cleanliness keep you up at night take a good look at the Maren ProPAK-A SERIES.

With multiple horsepower options and several hopper sizes to choose from these workhorse’s fulfill virtually any production requirements.

  • “A” Frame single cylinder tension chamber takes advantage of maximum ram force during full pressure baling.
  • Bale sizes 45″ x 40″ x Variable length, with weights up to 2,500 lbs.
  • Hopper sizes to adapt to any conveyor, shredder,cart tipper or air conveying system.
  • Advanced automatic 5-wire bale tier with electrically driven inserter and twister.
  • Optional bulk wire feed system for #1,000 lb. – 1,500 lb. stump wire carrier.
  • Optional easy lifting electric hoist wire loading boom.
  • Advanced progressive shear blade design with 30″ penetration reduces shear jams and utilizes maximum ram pressure for compaction. Maren shear blades are a replaceable double edge design on both chassis and Ram and made of hardened and ground tool steel.
  • Baler chassis, ram and key components are fabricated using interlocking construction. This construction technique results in stronger longer lasting weldments where interlocked steel plate absorbs much of the stress that on traditional balers would be placed on the welds alone.
  • High strength steel plate floor is further reinforced with a replaceable AR400 abrasion resistant wear liner for ultimate durability, and virtually limitless service life.
  • Sealed tight and serviceable, the main ram is guided and sealed on bottom and sides by long wearing NylOil wear plates. The top of the ram is sealed tight with a spring loaded AR400 scraper. This provides unparalleled sealing and prevention of material migration behind the ram.
  • Chassis service door for easy access ahead and behind main ram. Door is electronically interlocked and can be padlocked to provide secure access only by maintenance personnel.
  • Maren’s exclusive key lock main cylinder mount removes main cylinder tension from bolts while allowing easy services and maximum cylinder mount durability.

Touch Screen Operator Interface

  • 10.4″ Allen-Bradley Panelview.
  • Displays the baler’s current status and indicates bale percentage complete with graphic progress bar.
  • Allows selection of saved material settings controlling bale length, photo eye options, etc.
  • Dual motor models when equipped, allow the operator to select either motor/pump A or B to operate, or allow automatic on demand activation of second motor.
  • Displays and stores machine faults, E-stop status and allows service personnel to display a fault message history log.
  • Optional conveyor controls allow operator to select upper or lower photo eye activation, run, jog, stop, conveyor auto stop delay and more.
  • Password protection allows operators to access run time features while blocking service only adjustments for authorized maintenance.
Feed Opening – Width 42.5″
Feed Opening – Length 48″, 64″ or 80″
Feed Opening – Depth 40″
Main Cylinder 8″
Operating Pressure 4200 PSI
Ram Force 211,115 lbs
Baling Force 117.3 PSI
Horsepower Options Single 20/30/40/60, Twin 20/30
No Load Cycle Time 14 secs to 31.5 secs
No Load Displacement Up to 18,159 cf/hr
Bale Size 45 x 40 x Variable Length
Typical Bale Density OCC up to – 32#/cf

A210W Model Includes:

Oil Cooling: Oil cooling and filtration w/ independent circulation pump
Oil Tank: *20hp and 30hp balers ship with a full 150 gallon tank of oil.
PLC: Allen-Bradley Micrologix
HMI: 10.4″ Allen-Bradley Panelview
Floor Liners: AR400 replaceable floor liners
Optional: *40hp, 60hp, and 80hp baler shipped with full tank of oil. Easy to use inserter lubrication system. Bale wire run-out sensor. Additional 5’ or 10’ heavy duty bale slide can be added.

*Machine price includes a full tank of oil ONLY for the 20hp and 30hp single motor balers.

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