Maren Engineering Corporation provides efficient and economical balers that can easily meet the baling needs of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle scrap & HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottle scrap. The large feeder hoppers can be adapted to gravity, pneumatic or belt conveyor automatic feed devices. With the ability to pack more PET & HDPE plastic bottle material into every bale, these high bale densities maximize baling, storage, and shipping efficiency for recycling companies. With nearly all plastic bottles comprised of PET & HDPE, you can rely on Maren Balers to handle the high recycling demand.

PET & HDPE Bottles Recycling Two Ram Balers

Maren’s ProPak Two Ram Balers are designed for the demands of baling high density PET & HDPE bottles. With the ability to pack more PET & HDPE plastic material into every bale, our two ram balers put forth high bale densities to maximize baling, storage, and shipping efficiency. If you are recycling large volumes of PET & HDPE, our Two Ram Balers are your top baling choice.

PET & HDPE Bottles Recycling Closed Door Manual Tie Balers

Maren’s Closed Door Manual Tie Balers are designed to handle the high demand of PET & HDPE plastic bottle materials. Our closed door balers allow for full ejection and separation of individual bales during the baling process. Maren’s Closed Door Manual Tie Balers are a smart investment for profitable recycled material like PET & HDPE bottles.

PET & HDPE Bottles Recycling Baler Manufacturer

Maren Engineering Corporation manufactures Closed Door Manual Tie Balers and Two Ram Balers whose benefits include:

  • Reducing Labor Cost – low human inputs for PET & HDPE bottle material handling
  • Reducing Disposal Costs – PET & HDPE bottles are removed from waste stream
  • Generating Revenue – recycled PET & HDPE bottle sales
  • Improving Workplace Safety
  • Reducing Fire Hazards – material accumulation reduction
  • Streamlining FPET & HDPE Bottle Waste Processing

Recycled PET & HDPE bottle scrap is used for the production of new bottles, carpeting, insulating jackets, t-shirts, and much more.

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