Maren Balers are designed with capabilities to maximize baling efficiency for a wide variety of recycling industries. Our Horizontal Auto-tie Balers, Two-Ram Balers, Closed Door Manual Tie Balers, and Shredders are among the best on the market and offer the flexibility to bale a variety of materials including plastics, OCC cardboard, ferrous & non-ferrous metal, sawdust, carpeting, textiles, and much more. Maren Balers are a smart investment for increased baling proficiency and revenue returns.

Maren’s Horizontal Balers are designed with durability in mind. These Auto Tie Horizontal Balers are ideal for recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, or scrap metal. The auto tie feature allows our sturdy horizontal balers to be operated with minimal labor and maximum performance. High-strength steel floors and advanced automatic bale tier will add to the long service life of our balers. Maren’s Horizontal Auto Tie Balers are the smart choice for baling high volumes of material with low labor inputs.

If bale packaging efficiency is at the top of your list of important baling characteristics, Maren’s Two Ram Balers are just the ticket. Our two ram balers use door position transducers to automatically control the bale size and finishing. Maren two ram balers are designed with the ability to safely bale high volumes of large and bulky post-consumer materials and pack more material into every bale. If you are recycling large volumes of materials including plastic, metals, cardboard and much more, our two ram balers can handle the job.

If you are looking for a durable baler with the flexibility to handle a variety of materials at one time, Maren’s Closed Door Manual
Tie Balers are you answer.  Our closed door balers allow for full ejection and separation of individual bales during the baling process. These are the most cost effective balers for baling multiple materials. Baling difficult materials such as carpeting, foams, textiles, and films are a breeze for our closed door manual tie balers.

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