Choose Maren Balers for high-quality distribution and warehouse balers. The durable design of Maren Balers use feeder hoppers and high pressure baling to process a variety of plastic, paper, and cardboard materials to maximize baling, storage, and transportation profits. Maren baler’s steel floors are ideal for handling dense materials and the balers are designed to compact the material into tight bales for high-efficiency. Maren’s durable balers can handle the demand of distribution and warehousing baling and is a smart investment for maximum revenue of plastic, paper, and cardboard baling materials.

Maren’s Auto Tie Horizontal Balers are capable of handling and processing high-density plastics, paper, and cardboard for distribution & warehousing baling needs. With the auto tie feature, our rugged horizontal balers can be operated with minimal labor and maximum performance with materials from paper to tin. Our horizontal balers are designed with high-strength steel floors for a long service life and offer a a cost effective choice for baling distribution & warehousing materials.

Maren’s ProPak Two Ram Balers are designed to handle and bale large volumes of warehouse and distribution recycled materials. Pack more material into every bale with Maren’s two ram balers designed with door position transducers to automatically control the bale size and produce tighter bales for easy transportation. Our balers handle high bale densities to maximize baling, storage, and shipping efficiency for all varieties of warehouse & industrial paper, plastic, and cardboard materials.

Maren’s Closed Door Manual Tie Balers large feed opening and smart bale technology are designed to handle high density warehouse and distribution materials including shredded cardboard, slip sheets, stretch wrap, and more. Our closed door balers allow for full ejection and separation of individual bales during the baling process and the easy tie system can help increase recycling company’s baling efficiency.

Maren Shredders are durably built and capable of handling high volumes of distribution and warehouse materials. Shredders are designed to fit economically with the selection of Maren Balers and shreds paper, plastic, and cardboard material into small irregular shapes which can be added directly into an automatic baler. Maren Shredders are easy to operate and include safety mechanism like an automatic shut-off for safe operation.

Distribution & Warehousing Recycling Baler Manufacturer

Maren Engineering Corporation manufactures Horizontal Auto-Tie Balers, Two Ram Balers, Closed Door Manual Tie Balers, and Shredders designed for distribution & warehousing recycling with benefits that include:

  • Reducing Labor Cost – safe automatic controls reduce low human inputs for handling recycled distribution & warehousing material
  • Reducing Disposal Costs –more material is packed into each bale which helps remove recyclable material from waste stream
  • Generating Revenue – continually generate sales from recycled distribution and warehousing material
  • Improving Workplace Safety
  • Reducing Fire Hazards – material accumulation reduction
  • Streamlining Distribution & Warehousing Waste Processing

Distribution and Warehousing recycling reduces the need for virgin materials and diverts recycled material from landfills to be reused in new consumer products including packaging, new paper products, and more.

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