Textile recycling balers provide a cost effective and practical solution for textile scrap problems. The large feeder hoppers can be adapted to gravity, pneumatic or belt conveyor automatic feed devices allowing the balers to handle textile material more efficiently. With the ability to pack more textile material into each bale, these high bale densities maximize baling, storage, and shipping for textile recycling companies. These balers are the top choice to increase revenue and will prove to be a well-paid investment.

Textile Recycling Horizontal Auto-Tie Balers

Maren’s Auto Tie Horizontal Balers are capable of handling and baling high density textile material. The auto tie feature allows our rugged horizontal balers to be operated with minimal labor and maximum performance. If you are looking for a durable baler that can efficiently handle a wide variety of simple and fibrous textiles, Maren’s Auto Tie Horizontal Balers have you covered.

Textile Recycling Two Ram Balers

Maren’s ProPak Two Ram Balers capabilities include handling the demands of baling textile materials. With the ability to pack more textile material into every bale, our two ram balers put forth high bale densities to maximize baling, storage, and shipping efficiency. If you are recycling large volumes of textile material, our Two Ram Balers are you best choice.

Textile Recycling Closed Door Manual Tie Balers

Maren’s Closed Door Manual Tie Balers are designed for the demand of baling fibrous textile materials. Our closed door balers allow for full ejection and separation of individual bales during the baling process. Baling a wide variety of textiles such as silk or fibrous wool materials are no problem for Maren’s Closed Door Manual Tie Balers.

Textile Recycling Baler Manufacturer

Maren Engineering Corporation manufactures Horizontal Auto-Tie Balers, Two Ram Balers and Closed Door Manual Tie Balers whose benefits include:

  • Reducing Labor Cost – low human inputs for textile material handling
  • Reducing Disposal Costs – textile is removed from waste stream
  • Generating Revenue – recycled textile sales
  • Improving Workplace Safety
  • Reducing Fire Hazards – material accumulation reduction
  • Streamlining Textile Waste Processing

Recycled Textile scrap is used for the production of re-constructed textile material, insulating fiber, mattresses, upholstery and more.

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