No matter the material that is being baled, Maren Engineering Corporation has the baling wire to handle the job. We offer four distinct varieties of baling wire designed for fast and easy operation in conjunction with our dependable balers. Choose 50# & 100# wire for large bundles of cardboard and lumber, or use single loop bale ties for fast tying to increase your baling efficiency. For more heavy duty jobs, the high-strength quick link bale ties and galvanized extra hi-tensile & apex ties will keep your bales tightly secured. You trust Maren for your balers; trust us with baling wire too.

50# & 100# Box Wire

Single-Loop Bale Ties

Quick Link Bale Ties

Galvanized EXTRA HI-TENSILE™ and APEX™

We would like the opportunity to quote your next order. Due to a recently forged partnership with a major wire distributor, we can deliver it for less!

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