Maren offers three unique shredder options to help maximize baling efficiency for a variety of materials including molded fiber products, corrugated cardboard, paper products, coated stocks and more. Prepare materials for the baling process with Maren’s floor Sweep Shredder, Top Feed Shredder, or Pinch Conveyor Shredder. Each Shredder is a smart investment for increased baling revenue and efficiency.

Pinch Conveyor Shredder

Pinch Conveyor Shredder

Maren Pinch Conveyor Shredders are engineered and manufactured to shred a wide variety of wastes including; corrugated sheet waste, set-up box’s folding carton scrap, paper cores, roll slab and much more…

Maren Top Feed shredder

Top Feed Shredder

The Top Feed Shredder is designed and engineered for the destruction of magazines, signatures, paperbacks, tab cards and more…

Maren Floor Sweep Shredder

Floor Sweep Shredder

Maren Floor Sweep Shredders offer an economical solution to process and pre condition for baling a wide variety of paper waste materials including; corrugated sheets and trim, signatures, die cuts, folding carton scrap and much more…

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