Thank you to our Distributor Alles Miljo covering parts of Europe including Scandinavia. Alles placed yet another Propak 2R350 two ram baler into service as a key part of a hands free bale breaking and rebaling system for a major Norwegian grocery distributor.

See how the innovative hands free re-baling system designed by Alles works:

  • Incoming bales are recorded as received from individual stores where bales were processed in vertical balers weighing 60-500kg (130-1,100lbs) [see below right side of conveyor]
  • The bale is de-palletized, weight is recorded, and the pallet stacked for movement and storage
  • Bales enter the bale breaker where it is shredded onto a conveyor
  • Shredded recycled material is rebaled in a Maren Propak 2R350 producing bales weighing a consistent 750kg (1,650 lbs)
  • Result: consistent heavy bales ejected back parallel to the point of entry ensuring no wasted material handling travel [see above left side of conveyor]

Reliability and consistency of this system is paramount and we are proud they choose Maren as part of their solution!

Watch the video to see this cutting-edge rebaling system!