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The Model ProPAK 2R175 is a fully automatic 2 RAM baler. The extra large feed hopper is ideal for oversize materials, i.e., refrigerator boxes, gaylord containers and large screen TV boxes. A Bale Separation Door assists in eliminating unwanted contaminated bales along with providing relief for oversize bales. “Pre-conditioning” is unnecessary due to a progressive shear blade design that is replaceable and made of hardened and ground tool steel. Using an Accent 470 wire tie system the bale is tied around the short dimension resulting in wire savings and better bale integrity during transportation. This adds up to time and money savings!

  • Interlocking construction; stress is barred on steel not welds
  • Chassis floor, sides and top are single sheet plate steel
  • Abrasion resistant AR400 hardened wear liners eliminate costly floor replacements
  • Progressive shear cuts material over a distance, allowing difficult materials to pass without jams
  • 180 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir shipped full of oil from factory
  • Maintenance reminders for Hot Oil, Low Oil and plugged oil filter on operator interface
  • Ram position based on laser distancing (no moveable wear items such as limit switches)
  • Bale Separation door allows for 13” of over charge
  • All safety E-Stops monitored by a redundant monitoring system

Motor: 20hp ; (30hp Optional) TEFC Motor 3 Phase. Effieciency of hydraulic system allows for higher production rates with lower horsepower required

Hydraulic: A simple but innovative hydraulic system allows the 2R175 to run faster and more efficiently while being more serviceable. Highly efficient piston pump rated for 5,100 psi runs at only 3,000 psi ensuring less stress and long life. All pumps are mounted below tank level to eliminate start-up cavitation and extend pump life.

Hydraulic System: Regenerative system pressure: 3,000 psi, 3,500 max system pressure

Platen Force: 175,000 lbs.

Platen Pressure: 102 psi.

Cycle Time: SHORT : 31.6 seconds; FULL : 40 seconds

  • Operator Interface will save machine configuration for each commodity being baled providing operator with quick recall when baling.
  • Shows exactly how much bale is complete inside the chamber for easy material changes
  • The baler comes with three levels of password protection– Operator, maintenance and supervisor. Each one provides security from levels below it.

Baleweights (Tons/HR.)*

BALE SIZE: 60″ Length x 38-51″ Width (*OS) x 30″ Height

Baleweights Tons/Hours
OCC 1,500 lbs.  (4.4)
MAGAZINES 2,000 lbs. (9)
NEWSPAPER 1,500 lbs. (8)
OFFICE PAPER 1,600 lbs. (8)
ALUMINUM CANS 700 lbs. (2.9)
TIN CANS 1,250 lbs. (5.5)
HDPE 1,125 lbs. (3.4)
PET 1,000 lbs. (2.5)

(percentage of caps on bottles will vary bale weights)

* Bale weights are approximate and may differ with moisture content, material density, etc.

* Due to Maren’s commitment to product quality and refinment, these specifications are subject to change without notice, and without incurring responsibility to units previously sold.


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