Maren ProPak 2R265 Baler Install – Scott C, Ohio

Maren recently installed the new 2 Ram Maren ProPAK 2R265 baler, boasting an extra-wide 57″w x 64″ clear hopper opening (also available in 80” and 100″), for extra large through-put.  Couple that with a 9″ main ram cylinder that delivers 267,000 lbs of platen force – up to 40% more force than that of its competitors – and you have a happy customer!

Our 2 Ram recycling baler recent installation for Scott, C. has made a huge difference in his Ohio facility. His last baler had a tendency to jam which often put a halt to baling production while his team worked to get the baler running again.

For Scott, jams are now a thing of the past. “With the new baler,” Scott explained, “the loading belt is packed with almost no air in between the material and it takes it in like nobody’s business.” The ProPAK 2R265 is designed with a wide mouth to allow much larger materials to pass easily. Fewer jams mean Scott and his team have seen a stark improvement in the overall baler cycle.

Fewer jams aren’t the only benefit Scott has noticed with his ProPAK 2R265. He chose Maren’s balers because as he explained, “the cost of the baler fit into the cost range of our small facility.” It made the most sense to Scott to choose the ProPAK 2R265 because his facility bales a variety of materials including cardboard and plastic.

The best part?  Scott is seeing close to 50% increase in bale weights since the Maren installation!

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