Superior Install & Support – ProPAK 2R265

Maren’s recent install of a new 2 Ram Maren ProPAK 2R265 baler has made an impressive impact on Glenn A’s recycling facility. The extra wide clear hopper opening and the 9″ main ram cylinder that delivers 267,000 lbs of platen force makes the ProPAK 2R265 the powerhouse of this beverage container recycling company for UBC, PET, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, Tetra Pak, wax-coated cartons, and more.

The features of the ProPAK 2R265 was the deciding for Glenn’s Saskatoon facility. “With Maren”, explained Glenn, “We knew we were getting a reliable baler.” After finalizing the deal and installing the new baler at his location, Glenn quickly confirmed the reliability that is associated with the Maren name.

With plenty of work to keep his facility busy, Glenn noted that the ProPak 2R265 has a much faster baling speed than his previous balers which helps keep material moving through the warehouse and work flowing efficiently.

Reliability isn’t the only feature that has impressed Glenn. As he explains, “The great support from Maren’s end has been phenomenal.” Maren’s support continues for the life of all our Maren Balers. This means whether customers have trouble shooting questions or require baler support, our team always offers superior customer service in person and over the phone.

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