Canada’s largest independent home improvement retailer, known for their top-tier delivery service, needed a dependable cardboard baler they could integrate into their new Ontario multishuttle storage system. With over 40 years of trusted service, they found Kernic Systems to be the best option to provide the new system’s integrated cardboard recovery requirements.

After discussing the distribution center’s unique needs, Kernic and the retail distributor decided that the Maren ProPAK A160 Wide Body Shear baler with high speed power pack would be a good fit for the distribution center’s current and future growth requirements. It is a safer, more efficient and reliable baler than other models which would play a vital role in improving the center’s productivity.

Kernic worked with Maren Engineering Corporation who designed and manufactured the ProPAK A160W baler that fit the distribution centers needs. The A160W/A210W series balers are high production 5 tie shear balers designed specifically for the warehousing and distribution market.

In August 2020, Kernic Systems delivered and installed the Maren ProPAK A160 Wide Body Shear Baler into the Ontario distribution center’s new multishuttle storage system. The powerful features of the ProPAK A160W are already making the baling process easier and much more efficient for the Canadian home improvement retailer.

The ProPAK A160W allows

  • Distribution cardboard to be baled without shredding or preconditioning.

  • Faster throughput and more dense bales while also using less energy

  • Easy maintenance access. Machine maintenance is a breeze with large maintenance access points and an accessible tier system.

  • Efficient Clean-out. The ProPAK A series provides automatic clean-out, virtually eliminating the requirement for machine lockout and shut down to clean cardboard and debris from behind the ram, a chore required by most competitors designs. What used to be a maintenance shut down is now a simple operator sweeping job keeping employees safe and focused on more productive, profitable work.

For the past 30+ years Maren Engineering Corporation and Kernic Systems have been working together to provide recyclers, warehouses, and manufacturers with the most efficient, reliable & heavy duty balers in the industry.

Discover how Maren Engineering Corporation and our team of experienced distributors can benefit your distribution center today!